Yinchuan aims to become the “capital of wine”

By Hu Dongmei|seeningxia.com|Updated: November 18, 2022

On Nov 16, Yinchuan, Ningxia held conference on the development of the local wine industry, delivering a report in 2022 on how to be the "capital of wine” and how to make it happen in 2023.


Yinchuan holds a conference on the high-quality development of the local wine industry [Photo provided to seeningxia.com]

Since this year, the wine industry in Yinchuan, Ningxia has focused on improving brand promotion, innovation, and integrated development of culture and tourism.

The total area of the grape planting base in Yinchuan has reached 262,000 mu. Sixty-six wineries have opened. The output is 54,000 tons (70 million bottles), and the total sales have reached more than 700 million yuan (about $98 million). The wineries have received 1 million tourists, with a year-on-year increase of 40%, and the comprehensive industrial output value has reached 26 billion yuan (77% of the total in Ningxia).

Yinchuan has acquired the unique experience in the field of national wine marketing. It successfully held a dealer conference in Ningxia Yinchuan production areas, promoted the sales of wine, and organized wineries to carry out a national city tour. In addition, Yinchuan has also taken the lead in setting up the country's first wine producing area brand day - "519 Yinchuan wine brand day", and achieved sales of more than 15 million yuan by operating the "JD special zone for wine in Yinchuan production area at the east foothills of Helan Mountain." It opened its official wine store in TikTok, and carried out sales through  live broadcast. The art exhibition of wine label collection held in Yinchuan attracted over 100,000 people who visited online and on site.


The wineries in Yinchuan, Ningxia [Photo provided to seeningxia.com]

"Yinchuan will continue to improve the whole industrial chain, upgrade industrial transformation, and implement the extension projects of the industrial chain such as grape deep processing, wine packaging and printing," said Wang Fang, director of Yinchuan Wine Industry Development Service Center. Yinchuan will seize the opportunity presented by the National Comprehensive Development Pilot Zone of Grape and Wine Industry in Ningxia, and promote the development of the industry.