Jade Vineyard winery: Lightning in a bottle

By Hu Dongmei in Ningxia | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: October 30, 2020

In the spring of 2013, Ding Jian came to Ningxia and chose a plot of deserted land on the alluvial plain. With an altitude of 1,180 meters, it was an ideal spot for grape cultivation and eventually became the vineyard and winery.

With intensive cultivation and concentrated research, Jade Vineyard has taken its place on the world stage. Since 2016, Jade Vineyard has won a total of 119 international awards, including 49 gold awards and 26 silver awards, putting the eastern Helan Mountain on the map.

For Ding Jian, wine is not just a product. She also holds cultural activities in the vineyard every year, such as concerts. When we were interviewing in Jade Vineyard, a United States outlet was also shooting a documentary called "China: The Next Wine Superpower". The documentary will be broadcast online both in China and abroad, to share the wines of Ningxia and the eastern foot of Helan with more people.

[Video by Cai Yuxin and An Yonghui]