Effort and dedication make wine impressive

By Hu Dongmei in Ningxia|chinadaily.com.cn|Updated: October 22, 2020


Hello, my name is Min Cho from US California. 

I've been tasting Ningxia wines in past few years, and I've seen such a great development and improvement in the wines in past. 

In this competition for this year, I've been very overwhelmingly impressed.

And I wanna say one thing. 

It's not only the work of the winery or the wine maker themselves, but I know that it's work of every man and woman working in the vineyard, and every people working in the bottling line.

It is the effort and the dedication from all of you that makes the wine beautiful, that makes the wine impressive. So I wanna tell you people in Ningxia 加油,加油宁夏.

Soon we'll have every glass of wine in Europe, in the United States, enjoying a bottle of Ningxia wines.